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Castle Park Fun

 Surprised our kids with a trip to C A S T L E   P A R K. We love seeing the smiles on their faces. To every moment captured, enjoy!  This is us, a lot not pictured.  Thank you bro for the surprise visit. Elvin and his uncle Brad were the first in the park. lol Our curious Papacitos Pastor waiting at the gate to make sure everyone gets in. Ia, Raychel and Fifi chaperoning all the kids. love you ladies. Tardy to the party lol, Peka and her boys. Love them.  Ivo and Iosefatu trying to win a prize and hey did. YAY! Coey and Joy pause for a smile. Peace! My Papacitos wanting to play basketball like his unko Ivo just did. lol So happy to have Iosefatu visit. Paused in between rides to smile for the camera. Thank you Aunty Sasa for being their chaperone. Bubbles.... Victoria and the girls just getting off a ride. He's ready to go zoommmm About to go on a train ride.  Cool crew. Junior and the ladies. Fifi and her kids.  My boys in our cart.  Met up for a quick flick. They are ready for t