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Love & Loss

As our church has experienced great loss at the start of 2022.... I remain consumed by God's love. As our church group prepares to go to Hawaii for SDC, I'm experiencing mixed emotions. But I wanted to pen my feelings to encourage my kin. G R I E F is real and it is different for each of us. I went through a time where I was angry and frustrated and I was expressing this to everyone BUT God. We tend to forget that although God is not a person, He is still the greatest listener. He hears your thoughts and feels your pain. He can handle what you are feeling if you give it to Him. Whether it be pain, anger, numbness, shock or sorrow. Pour your heart out to the Lord and allow peace to take the place of that hurt. Remember, He is T H E R E! L O S S is gain to a believer. Although their presence here among us will be greatly missed. I know Joe, Pastor Tuinei and Tilo received their greatest healing and that is divine healing. At times we tend to want to be selfish and keep our loved