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Starting over with Christ....part 3

Taeao manuia i le tatou au uso. Siga upu fa'amalosi mo tatou i lenei aso sa 5/17/20. Tatalo o lo'o manuia uma outou i le alofa o Le Atua. Manatua pea le tatou aiga i talosaga. Manatua atu fo'i e o mama'i.  Continued prayers for your health and safety during this time. May God shower you all with blessings and keep you in His loving embrace. God Bless you all. We love and miss you all so much! Love, #teamSialoi

Message from Pastor for Mother's Day

Siga upu fa'amalosi mai le Faifeau mo Tina uma lenei Aso Tina. E susulu le penina, ae fa'asilisili ai le Tina ua fa'akerisianoina i totonu o se aiga.  God Bless you all. Love, #teamSialoi.

Mother's Day 2020

When my husband and I heeded the call to come out this way, we whispered Christ's words that we did not come to be served but to SERVE! How wonderful are God's ways in placing us amongst such a nurturing and loving flock. We didn't get sent, we came HOME!  I want to express my heartfelt thanks to our Women's Ministry for making my first Mother's Day so memorable and fun. Inviting God into any fellowship or function just takes it to another level. I love worshiping alongside other women after God's own heart. Especially during this pandemic, it felt so empowering to worship together. Look to the hills for whence our help cometh from. I love you all! #teamSialoi Some memories from our day today.  

Helping Hands = Tonga Feast

The beginning of this year some of us got to help our Tonga Community. It was a neat experience for us as we've never been to a Tongan feast. My son got hands on training with cooking multiple pigs and it was so much fun to help.  Fai mai le tala, tele o lima e mama ai se avega. Fa'afetai mo lenei avanoa na matou maua e mafuta ai ma le tatou aiga Toga. Le aiga o Le Atua e tele. Enjoy our Tongan journey. Blessings! #teamSialoi