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SoCal Pulega Faletua's Fellowship

Thank you to our Section Presbyter's Faletua, Rebecca Fruean, for the invite to gather and fellowship. Saying we had a great time would be an understatement. It was a great time for iron to sharpen iron. A time to gather tips, encouragement and resources to use in our individual mission fields.  A great time had by all, to laugh, to break bread together, to cry but most of all to encourage each other through the word. Memories from our time together. Irvine, Ontario, Long Beach, Paramount, Hesperia, San Diego, San Bernardino Representing Tina Ta'ita'i had the ribs, looks delish! FL Naomi displaying her lunch. I had the tri-tip, super yummy Showing off our prizes. Thank you FL Kuka for these coasters. Joy of the Lord reminder. Because she looked so cute with her curls. The laughter continues into the parking lot. Thank you men of God for driving your wives.  CFO's nice ride.  Our Section Presbyter and his beautiful wife. Love you both!!

Joe Finao's Going Home Celebration

Joe, I know you smiled, God smiled, we all smiled as we witnessed all your children rise to the occasion of planning your last day.  All the intricate details that went into planning and executing the plan was pure perfection. We are so proud of our FINAO kin. We know your parents prayers for each of you still live on from the grave. As you each grieve in your own way, hold on to HOPE.  The hope that Joe & Malae instilled in you, hope that Jesus walks with you, hope that your parents are closer to you now more than ever. May their godly example continue to shape and mold each of you. SBAOG will always be your home, as it was your parents. Enjoy this digital footprint of your dads day that Baylee captured. Super proud of each you. Love, #teamSialoi