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Car Wash Season at SBAOG

Thank you to all our volunteers for your tireless efforts to help our ministry. Now that the weather has warmed up we will start having car washes to help raise funds. We've gone from yard sales to now starting car washes on our property to help raise funds for operating costs.  We thank all our kids and young adults who played a role in our day. Thank you to Josh for his equipment that help tremendously in getting the cars in and out.  From Sam and Lisi with the morning shift advertising to Mauai and her advertising team in the afternoon to the washers and dryers and money collectors, we thank you all for your TEAM efforts!  Here are the pics from our first car wash of this season.   Even our little ones got in on the action Thank you Josh, for your power washer We had several repeat customers in the same day with big trucks and trailers The supervisor keeping a close eye on the workers Anthony and his boys putting in work Sheron taking a break from advertising to come wash cars o

Mother's Day 2023

Thank you to Ivo and Baylee for these wonderful memories. Our first Mother's Day in our own home. Mother's are the glue that hold a family together. Often, we wear several hats, are underappreciated and unpaid but we would not have it any other way. Love is the root that drives us to do what we do day in and day out. Shout out to all the mothers!! #SBAOG