All White Christmas Ball 2021

 Youth End of the Year Fellowship

Great job to our Youth for hosting and putting on a fun night filled with laughter, hot chocolate, games, dress up, cheer and fellowship. 

This is us.

Thank you for the filter Tilda.

I love my kids, as crazy as they are lol

Our Pastoral Staff.

Another one of Pastor's besties, Ant!! We love you.

Aww, we love our Iosefatu!

It took 5 bloopers to get one perfect pic of us lol

Lovely couples. We love our Asu's and Richey's.

We love you Mr. & Mrs. Alvarado, always looking fly!

The cool table, thank you for always supporting.

Mr & Mrs. Peni, we love you!

The Asu's enjoying their slow dance. We love you truckers!

The Richey's swaying to the music. We love you Justin and Mara!

Because ya'll too cute with your 3-way dance. We love you Ant & Raychel plus Jaxson who wanted in on the couples dance lol.

My dance partner for life. I love you babe.

We laugh at our own jokes lol

Father/Daughter dance...too cute.

Because Papa Ray is the light of his grandchildren's lives. 

Check out the DJ with his daughter, awww. We love you Coey and Ivo.

All the Father's with their big babies lol

Papa Ray taking turns with all his granddaughters. 

Baylee and her father, so sweet.

Lagi and her father, too cute.

I tried not to cry, while Lisi stepped in for Sam. 

Precious moments.


more tears...

I love to slow dance with my baby boy.

Mother/Son...too cute.

Aww Jaxson and his momma Raychel.

Nana dancing with Jason. Sweet.

I wanna hold him forever in this moment. 

Chow time.

Great menu Youth, simple.

Our cowboy getting din din. Love you Seta!

My handsome boys.

About to get their grub on.


Dallas cheesin for the camera.

My baby Jackie so cute.

My girls about to eat.

Pretty smiles.

My Joy is growing too fast. love you.

Jaylynn, sophistication and poise. love you.

They understood the assignment, even Papa Liu with his white pants. love you.

These beauties pausing for the camera.

Delicious set up Sasa.

Nice juice bar Fifi. love it.

Twins serving the buffet.

My papacitos and his mama.

My twinsies. love them.

Jaxson and Papa.

Me and my eldest, love her life.

Hot chocolate was on point.

Papa with his sissy Nana.

Braxton's #1 best babysitter, because Jason don't let him do anything lol

We got the all white down, love these ladies. Thank you for your support of the Youth.

Nana and her boys.

Love her style. Go Rebecca!

The triplets.

The mighty mens tables. Great job singing.

Papa and papacitos. besties for life.

Great set up Raychel and Sasa.

All white, great job men.


My cuties.

My middle child, my bebe. Love her life.

Look at his smile....too cute Papacitos.

Love you ladies, with your all white.

My bebe in front of the set up. cute and cozy tent.

Mama Lisi and her babies. Thank you Lisi, despite Sam not feeling well, you still got the job done. I commend you Youth Director!

The boys table.

Thank you God for our family. 


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