Grow up with SBAOG kids

 Trying to catch up on our memories....because FB doesn't do our pictures quality justice. Here are the memories from on our pier nights. One of the things we miss the most about Vista is living 20 minutes from the beach. We savored those nights with our kids, camping on the pier. It was neat to go back with our SBAOG family to enjoy a night on the beach. Look how young and fresh faced they all look lol. Enjoy our memories at Oceanside Pier from June 2020.

So glad our Vista family came out to hang out. Miss my boys including Vader lol

Everybody loves Vader lol

Sakaria getting in on the action! Get them fishy's

Acting like the know how to fish lol

Thank you bro Vii for coming out to hang out!

All the men so focused on fishing lol

All da bebez with Mama Lisi. 

Enjoying that oceanside breeze

Look at my bebez

Grandfather and Grandson, love this!!

Lets bury Dayo!!

#teamEliu enjoying the beach


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