Pastor Appreciation Day 2020

Thank you family for the recognition and the appreciation. As someone who rather work behind the scene and remain unseen, we've seen our family go above and beyond to make us feel so loved and so appreciated. Pastor and I make it a habit to lay hands on all our gifts and cards and pray for God to increase your finances, double your territory, promote your jobs and bless your homes. We praise God for enabling us to do what He called us to do, and we are so grateful for the flock He hand picked just for us. We've loved you before we met you, our spirit embraced yours before we arrived. We are in this together. Enjoy our memories from this day. Shoutout to my girl Bay for capturing our forever cherished moments. 

My sugarplum and I. 

We love you Puni

Our right hand man and friend.

We love you Faletua Lagi and Fenui especially Devine!

Miss my girl

The ladies

We love our Alvarado Family!

Pastor and his support team.

lovely couples

The Peni's, love them!

My baby Ada...she is a character!!

Sisterly love

The triplets, love ya'll!

We wanted a picture in front of the balloons, thank you Alvarado's.

All the kids love Papa Sione!!

Us with our big baby

#teamSialoi and #teamEliu

We love you Ivo, so proud of the strides you are making for Jesus!

Girlfriends pausing for a smile

Miss you Sefa!

Our greatest support is their prayers.

Our Pepe Viney

Thank you Alvarado's for the huge gift basket. 

Thank you Misi and Kava and my pepe

The girls with Aunty Leise, love ya'll

Thank you Faletua Lagi for this awesome cake

We love you Papa Liu

Love them.


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