SBAOG is Farming

 F A R M I N G

We are in a season of plowing and planting and putting in work. We've been steady praying and fasting weekly as a family and sowing seeds of faith as we prepare for a new season. Farmers don't look at what is currently in front of them but they look to the distant future with expectant faith. Faith that the ground will break and yield a harvest of green sprout. 

Thank you everyone who has been sowing with great faith that in due time our faith will spring forth. Even though we are a church without walls right now, we are learning a valuable lesson while we are in our waiting season. May God continue to bind us together to do His will. 

As we reached a benchmark during our first 6 month building fund campaign. We are happy to report we are close to $90,000 (additional funds were collected after banner was made) as we end out the year and prepare for the new year. We pray for a place to meet our needs and to provide for the future generations. Aua o tatou fanau o le lumana'i lea o le galuega. Fa'afetai i le lima foa'i i le galuega a le Atua. Fa'amanuia le Atua i le tatou aiga atoa. 


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