SBAOG Family Game Night Dec 2022

SBAOG started a new thing now that we have our own space, to try and get together for Family Game Nights monthly or bi-monthly. Especially for our young kids to grow up together, laugh and make memories as a family. I look back at these memories from last month and laugh. Laugh because it was such a good time but I also laugh because Johnny Boy was our photographer. I love these memories you captured Bay and Jon B! Can't wait for our next one coming up! [Pics loaded backwards in order of events]
The last pic, is somehow the first pic. Enjoy!

Bay always animates when listening to mom.


I love seeing them all together.

Jon B took this pic from outside the window, hence the glare

i love all the moments Jon B captured.

Thank you Men for supporting our Family Game Night

Cuz my girl Jaylynn can hang with the bigg girls : P


This is comedy, i love their creativity. ganggang

Aww too cute, love them!

this cracks me up!

Thank goodness this trash was just delivered and is new. 


Mama bear and her cubs

Love our Alvarado's! Always supporting our kids.



The concentration tho! LOL

He was supposed to be asleep hours ago. This is his resting snot face.

Papa Misi enjoying the water game.

Nana Peka using her skills.

Get it Ant!!

This table don't play when it comes to arts and crafts.

Thank you Rayche for your activities and bingo, we had a blast.

Young adults in the house!

Sister Sister enjoying our festivities

Family Fun with Nana

Throwing up that SSSSS

Our Tongan baby!

Concentrating hard at this table. Thank you Skivi and Lisa for supporting

Pastor and Ray were the judges of our gingerbread decorating and MEL WON!

Waiting on the judges to decide the winner

Waiting for the winner

Thank you Manuia for this activity, we all had a blast! All age fun

When they take too long, enjoy the cookie! lol

Our Siah is all smilesssss

Go Skivi!!

Go Bubba!!

Father and Daughter enjoying the festivities.

Braxton wants to eat the candy while is unko is trying to win. lol


Thank you Young Adults for the games and activities, God bless your pockets.

Thank you for supporting 

This is the talented table because Mel won! lol


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